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If your child is diagnosed with requiring surgical intervention for his/her ENT problem it can be extremely stressful on parents not only from a medical point of view but financial as well.


At the time of booking surgery all patients are given a Paediatric ENT Services operation costing form to read, sign and return to the Rooms.  This form will set out the required operation, Medicare item numbers applicable, Surgeon’s fee, Schedule fee (as set down by HIC) and Medicare rebate.

All Paediatric ENT Services surgeons are “NO GAP” doctors with HBF (there will be no out of pocket expense for the patient if they have correct hospital cover) and members of “GAP COVER SCHEMES” with the majority of private insurers.  Although some private insurers advertise there will be “GAP COVER”, please be advised we do not change our fees to suit each private insurer and there may be a small gap for the patient to pay.  We strongly advise our patients to always check with their private insurer before the operation to see if there will be any out of pocket expenses.


All procedures that require overnight stay would be performed at SJOG Hospital Subiaco, SJOG Hospital Murdoch or Princess Margaret Hospital.

All day procedures would be performed at SJOG Hospital Subiaco, SJOG Hospital Murdoch, Colin Street Daysurgery and in some cases Osborne Park Hospital, Armadale/Kelmscott Hospital, Swan District Hospital and Princess Margaret Hospital.

Pre admission phone calls from the relevant hospital are made to patients between 1 – 5 days before the procedure date.


It is most important to follow fasting instructions before the procedure. (A copy can be found on this website).

Depending on the Anaesthetist for your child’s procedure you may have to attend a consultation at the Anaesthetist’s Rooms or you may see the Anaesthetist at the hospital on the day of the procedure.

You will also be given a post operative appointment for approximately 2 weeks after the operation.

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