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Children who inhale foreign bodies may well have a choking episode and wheeze or a recurrent pneumonia or unexplained persistent respiratory symptoms. In 50% of cases the offending foreign body is a peanut, carrot or piece of apple and this is a significant symptom in that it is the sixth most common cause of accidental death in children. Clinical examination and special Xrays may well show signs of a foreign body but if there is a strong history of possible foreign body inhalation then the child may require an examination of the lower airway including the trachea and bronchi under anaesthetic.

Foreign bodies may also occur in the ear canal and can cause earache, hearing loss, infection and discharge.  On rare occasions damage to the tympanic membrane or eardrum can occur with sharp objects inserted in the ear canal.

Foreign bodies in the nose may be a cause of a one sided foul smelling nasal discharge which persists for weeks.  Often on examination of the nose we will find a bead or piece of paper or similar causing this infection and foul smell.

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